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I Love My Pony 3DS (EUR) CIA

I love old games, especially the Intellivision, NES, and SNES ones I grew up with, but it's exhausting (and expensive) trying to chase every game down. A lot of times, I find that my expectations of what is enjoyable has changed too. There are a handful of each generation of games that I still find playable, and most of those have persisted unless Copyright/Licensing issues came into play. Even something like AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin lived on as Minotaur in Intellivision collections.

I Love My Pony 3DS (EUR) CIA

@GTHOLLAND couldn't disagree more as an 18 year old i love my nes, snes and old pc games,.Games are like movies or books a piece of entertainment that maybe just a trend of its time or timeless. For instance i recently watched a silent film called dantes inferno which was available through youtube. For me it is a timeless film just like some nes,snes games are. Entertainment either being books, movies, games should be preserved so people can experience them. And i am not talking about museums preserving hardware or that kind of stuff, i am talking being able to simply search up the name and being able to download them as files 041b061a72


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