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Download 268K MAIL ACCESS Zip [BEST]

Welcome to my Excel utilities page. This page containsa number of example files for download, which are often mentioned in the Microsoft Excelsupport newsgroups. If you can not find the file you are looking for, please e-mail me at:

Download 268K MAIL ACCESS zip

CallTree97.exe (1 April 1998, 268k, 13,440 downloads) (11 March 1998, 72k, 15,618 downloads) This routine reads all of the modules in selected open workbooks, extracting a completelist of procedures and the calls between them. From this it generates some pivot tables,enabling you to easily identify which procedures call, or are called by another procedureand how many calls there are between the modules. Finally, it displays a procedure flowdiagram for the workbook in a tree structure. The zip file contains a single xls file,which is hidden when opened. This update fixes a few problems reported by some users andalso handles multi-workbook projects (when referenced using Tools, References).Documentation is included in the zip file.

All of the files available for download are provided as-is, without anywarranty or support. All use of these utilities is at your own risk. The files have beentested with Excel versions 5.0c, 7.0a (aka 95), 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003 where appropriate. This does not guaranteethat they will work on your computer. You may use and adapt these utilities for your ownprojects, including commercial applications. I would appreciate being informed if theseutilities are used in commercial applications. You may not include these utilities in anyshareware or freeware catalogues, books, articles or periodicals without the writtenpermission of the author. If you have any comments about this page, or the files herein,please send an email to Stephen Bullen. Stephen BullenOffice Automation Ltd.40 The Charter RoadWoodford GreenEssex IG8 9REEngland

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