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A Review of Fixing Truancy Now: A Book that Explores the Causes and Solutions of Truancy

Fixing Truancy Now: Inviting Students Back to Class - A Book Review

Truancy is a complex issue that continues to plague schools, and many blame truancy problems on students, parents, and socioeconomic factors. However, truancy is more than juvenile delinquents skipping school to have fun or be with friends. In Fixing Truancy Now: Inviting Students Back to Class, author Bruce S. Cooper posits that truancy is an indication that school curricula and pedagogy are not serving students needs as well as they should, especially when it comes to ethnic minority students and English language learners. This book explores:

Fixing Truancy Now Inviting Students Back to Class book

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  • different types of truancy;

  • major research in the field; and

  • how teachers, school leaders, and students can work together in solving this problem.

Ultimately this book offers hope that teachers, parents, and school leaders can find solutions to this multifaceted problem through collaborative problem-solving. In this article, I will review the main arguments, strengths, weaknesses, and implications of this book for different audiences.

What is truancy and why does it matter?