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Essie Buy Me A Cameo Collection

essie Enamel Nail Polish is a nail polish that delivers a rich color as well as a high shine result. The brush is wide and fits the nail perfectly, allowing a streak-free application. In addition, this brush feature enables a quick and easy application, even for beginners. Intense and rich, the color stands on your nails vividly all the while providing flawless coverage. The range offers an extensive palette of shades, all of them offering incredible shine, coverage as well as outstanding durability. Choose your favorite color and allow it to express your mood!

essie buy me a cameo collection


To begin with, file your nails and apply a base coat. The following step is to apply one or two coats of the essie Enamel Nail Polish, allowing it to dry between the applications. Lastly, apply a top coat and allow it to dry.

discover the vast collection of nude nail polish colours from essie to compliment your everyday look. whether it's for a casual or glamourous occasion, nude nail shades are the perfect, always on-trend add on to beautify your hands.

for a deeper and more elegant touch, deep mauve-tone nail polishes are recommended, and the clothing optional nail polish can be one of them. this natural sienna brown shade will give your nails that bare but deep touch. if you prefer shimmery manicures, you can also try our buy me a cameo nude nail shade. With a frosted satin mocha base and a metallic rose gold finish, this spotlight-ready nude nail polish is perfect for any occasion and season. 041b061a72


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