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Tomb Raider Underworld-25 !!LINK!!

If this trivia has you in the mood to raid some tombs, you can pick up many of the back catalogue of Tomb Raider games on sale with savings up to 85% off as part of the Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary Sale on the Xbox Store!

Tomb Raider Underworld-25

She finally succeeds in hunting the group down to a remote Antarctic outpost built around an ancient icy tomb. As she starts to uncover its mysteries, and prevent Trinity from unleashing what lies within, Lara encounters an enemy more cunning and prepared than any before.

Lara uncovers a secret tomb in Egypt and unwittingly releases the evil God Set back into the world. With the fate of the world now in her hands, Lara must find a way to reimprison the angry god - all while being pursued by her unscrupulous arch-rival, Werner Von Croy.

A race between Lara and rival treasure hunter Carter Bell results in the Egyptian God Set being released once more. Lara and Carter team up with the gods Isis and Horus to retrieve fragments of Osiris from various tombs so they can re-imprison Set once more.

If the economy ever makes tomb-raiding a financially irresponsible career, Lara's got several skills to fall back on. Also established by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, Lara is an ace mixologist able to tend bar with the best of them. If all else fails, she could put her degree in Asian Archaeology to use as a university professor.

British archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft is approached by mercenary Larson, who is employed by wealthy businesswoman Jacqueline Natla. Natla hires Lara to find the Scion of Atlantis, an ancient artefact originally sought by Lara's father Richard Croft. It is buried in the tomb of Atlantean ruler Qualopec within the lost city of Vilcabamba. Making her way through Vilcabamba to Qualopec's tomb, Lara discovers that there are three pieces of the Scion, divided between Atlantis' Triumvirate. Escaping the tomb, she is confronted by Larson, sent by Natla to take Lara's piece of the Scion. After beating him in a fight, he reveals that Natla has sent her rival Pierre Dupont to retrieve the next piece. Breaking into Natla's offices, Lara discovers a video showing the next Scion piece's resting place in Greece beneath a building called St Francis' Folly.

When designing each environment, the art team would first create them with a low colour palette and desaturated lighting to increase their realism. They would then add colourful elements such as foliage, combining that with different types of lighting. Changing levels of light and darkness as Lara explored each location were used to convey a sense of mystery.[22] Peru was given a variety of environments, transitioning from snowy mountains to lush jungle to an underground tomb.[22] The Lost Valley area, which had become a fan favourite since the original release, was redesigned using available technology and hardware to be more open. The gameplay was condensed into a smaller area compared to the original, which spread its puzzles and platforming through adjoining caves.[25] Greece was designed around the theme of a subterranean temple hidden in a mountain.[22] Egypt focused on the motif of bright sunlight, magnifying the use of lighting to promote mystery; its layout and design saw the least overall changes when compared to the original Tomb Raider. The main difference was in its scale and variety.[22][24] The Lost Island area was given a unique design with volcanic elements and fantastic architecture unlike any of the other locations to act as the game's thematic finale.[22]

This form is mostly intended for Q&As which, if responded by us, will appear publicly on the blog. For serious enquiries you can either send us a note via Tumblr Chats on the dashboard, DM our social pages, or through e-mail via thecrofttomb[at]gmail[.]com (minus the brackets). If you're looking to submit fanart, please refer to the Submissions menu above.

The team has also released a neat fan kit with the artwork packed with wallpapers, social assets and even a printable file for those who wish to revamp their classic cases. If you do so, please share them with us on social media by tagging @thecrofttomb and @tombraider in your posts along with #TR25!


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