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Famicom Detective Club The Missing Heir Switch ...

Originally released for the Family Computer Disk System ("Famicom") in the late 1980s in Japan only, FAMICOM DETECTIVE CLUB: THE MISSING HEIR is now being offered in a refreshed version for Nintendo Switch owners. Available as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop, this game features English subtitles for the first time, updated graphics, sound effects, and music (or you can choose to hear the original 8-bit soundtrack). In Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir, you assume the role of an amnesiac junior detective, who awakens to the realization that he has fallen (or was perhaps pushed?) off the side of a cliff, but thankfully has landed on some shrubbery to break his fall. While his past is initially hazy, he wants to continue working for the Utsugi Detective Agency, and returns to investigate a murder involving the wealthy Ayashiro family in the Japanese countryside. You partner with the young Ayumi Tachibana, who also works at the detective agency, to uncover the truth of both this complex murder case and your own missing memories. A P.I. assistant, your sleuthing skills include interrogating characters, including suspects, in this small village, along with searching the environment for clues, analyzing evidence, and deducing who might be responsible for a heinous crime. Much of this suspenseful adventure game is presented as a visual novel, but with animation, too, as you'll select dialogue topics from a pull-down menu, comb the screen with a magnifying class in search of evidence, and refer to your notebook to cross-reference hunches and facts.

Famicom Detective Club The Missing Heir Switch ...


The series of incidents was Kanda's revenge on the Ayashiro family, who had driven their parents to death. Knowing that Protagonist was Yuri's son, the legitimate successor to the Ayashiro family, and a detective, he dared to go to investigate the Ayashiro family. but,

At the heart of it all is the titular missing heir herself, Yuri Ayashiro, the estranged daughter of Kiko who is perhaps the key to solving the opaque legend surrounding the Ayashiro family symbol. As all of these different elements get introduced to expand the setting, soon enough murders begin to ensue, with the stakes getting more dire.

The character sprites even move, occasionally blinking or having their hair move in the wind. Many visual novels simply switch stationary illustrated character sprites depending on the tone of the conversation, but here they change expression in real time as they talk. These animations are even seen in the detailed backgrounds, really immersing you in these locations. Comparing the games to their original incarnations shows just how much work the developers put into revitalizing a series that is revered so highly in its native Japan.

A remake of the original Famicom Detective Club game, The Missing Heir will have players hunt for clues and interrogate suspects to seek answers regarding the tragedy that befalls the Ayashiro family. As a detective with amnesia, players will have to uncover their own past while solving a harrowing murder mystery. The game is remade from the ground up, though players will also have the option to use retro 8-bit soundtrack. 041b061a72


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