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Because of the proximity of the runways to the nearby roads, it is possible to get very close to the aircraft while they are departing and landing. In July 2015, three tourists were injured by jet blast after being blown over while watching an Air New Zealand Boeing 777 take off.[2][3] Consequently, in 2016, the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation warned tourist operators that they should not promote the jet blast area as a tourist attraction.[4]

Surface Last Attraction 2.rar

Immediately on arrival in the Myrkr system, Solo discovered that there were other Jedi present aboard the worldship Baanu Rass orbiting the planet. Rar counseled against rescuing the trapped Force-sensitives, instead arguing that the worldship housing the voxyn project should be destroyed as planned with a high-power baradium missile. It soon became a moot point as Yuuzhan Vong forces sprung a trap and the missile was instead used to obliterate a matalok cruiser leading the hostile forces. Rar and the others loaded into pods and landed on the worldship's surface. In space, 2-1S, one of the YVH droids, was lost, and Ulaha Kore remained to pilot the Exquisite Death as a decoy, playing a last song by means of a rudimentary instrument to Rar and the other Jedi before she died. On the worldship's surface, the team trekked across through various traps, which Rar's experience on New Plympto enabled them to avoid. As Yuuzhan Vong warriors began searching the area, the team disguised themselves as warriors with holoshrouds, with Rar in the lead as a practiced insertion agent.[1]

Solo's body was simple enough to recover; the Twi'lek used her longblaster to pick off Yuuzhan Vong warriors before approaching the corpse along with Jaina Solo, who called upon the dark side of the Force and used Force lightning to kill the last warrior protecting it. Shaken by Solo's anger, Rar led her companion from the chamber along with Veila, Zekk, Lowbacca and the body of the deceased Anakin. While Jacen Solo and the others hunted the voxyn queen, Rar and her companions stole a Yuuzhan Vong shuttle and attacked the frigate berthed on the worldship's surface. Despite Jaina Solo's skill, the shuttle was shot down and crash-landed not far from the frigate. Rar descended further into her hatred and anger for the Yuuzhan Vong as she fired upon the approaching Yuuzhan Vong, laughing as the longblaster's laser beams eliminated several of the aliens. Jacen Solo set off to hunt down the voxyn queen alone, while Sebatyne and the others captured the Yuuzhan Vong frigate, the Ksstarr.[1]

Despite the last-ditch efforts of Corellian smuggler Booster Terrik and his converted Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, the Errant Venture, the infected Yuuzhan Vong vessel appeared unstoppable. At the last moment, Sekot unleashed a swarm of insectile ships into the skies. Using gravitic singularities to bring both Yuuzhan Vong and Galactic Alliance ships down to the planet's surface, half a dozen vessels converged upon the infected slayer ship and dragged it out of the atmosphere into deep space. Rar and the other Jedi watched in awe from their vantage point near their berthed starships. Quee and Jabitha returned, and the former informed the assembled Jedi that Sekot was returning the Yuuzhan Vong to their home.[22]


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