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Extending Unity With Editor Scripting ((EXCLUSIVE))

Unity lets you extend the editor with your own custom inspectors and Editor Windows and you can define how properties are displayed in the inspectorA Unity window that displays information about the currently selected GameObject, asset or project settings, allowing you to inspect and edit the values. More infoSee in Glossary with custom Property DrawersA Unity feature that allows you to customize the look of certain controls in the Inspector window by using attributes on your scripts, or by controlling how a specific Serializable class should look More infoSee in Glossary. This section explains how to use these features.

Extending Unity with Editor Scripting

Want to get started with visual scripting as soon as possible? This quick-start tutorial introduces the basics of creating node-based logic to help you make your own games using visual scripting in Unity.

Visual scripting in Unity helps team members create scripting logic with visual, drag-and-drop graphs instead of writing code from scratch. It also enables more seamless collaboration between programmers, artists, and designers for faster prototyping and iteration.

Visual scripting is designed to show values throughout the graph during Play mode, and it will highlight which nodes are being executed as it happens. If an error occurs at runtime, the source will be identified and highlighted within the graph.

Use a method, field, property, or event from Unity, any third-party plug-in, or even custom scripts within your graphs. Visual scripting directly accesses your codebase via reflection and is always up to date.

Visual scripting is a graphical way to manipulate objects and behaviors in Unity without writing code from scratch. The logic is built by connecting visual nodes together, empowering artists, designers, and programmers to create gameplay and interactive systems in a simple way.

Unity always lets you undo actions, so remember that when you create custom editor scripts. To allow undo with a custom action, simply register the action used to create a GameObject with Undo.RegisterCreatedObjectUndo.

Unity has built-in support for opening scripts in Visual Studio Code as an external script editor on Windows and macOS. Unity will detect when Visual Studio Code is selected as an external script editor and pass the correct arguments to it when opening scripts from Unity. Unity will also set up a default .vscode/settings.json with file excludes, if it does not already exist (from Unity 5.5 Release notes).

To edit this directly within VS Code Settings editor, go to File > Preferences > Settings (Code > Preferences > Settings on macOS). Switch to the Workspace tab and then type "files exclude" into the Settings editor search bar. Add a glob pattern similar to the pattern shown below by clicking the Add Pattern button for the Files: Exclude setting. You will need to add each pattern separately.

Unity offers an API for extending the editor through scripts in your project. Throughout the parts of this guide, we will learn to master this power and become a Wizard of Unity. We'll take a closer look at interacting with points in the scene using Handles, building custom interfaces for the SceneView and customizing the InspectorView to our liking.

Create a new C# script "Assets\BezierPath\Editor\BezierPathEditor.cs". It was placed in a folder named 'Editor' so that Unity will treat it like an editor script. Inside the script, we include the UnityEditor to get access to the Editor API. Our class extends the Editor so that it will inherit the Editor functionalities. The class has also been tagged as a CustomEditor of the type BezierPath, meaning it will be used when a GameObject with a BezierPath Component attached is selected. A private variable 'bezierPath' was added to store the current BezierPath.

Use Vuforia Engine to build Augmented Reality Android, iOS, and UWP applications for mobile devices and AR glasses. Apps can be built with Unity, Android Studio, Xcode, and Visual Studio. Vuforia Engine can be easily imported into Unity by downloading and double-clicking the .unitypackage below.

Write your Unity scripts in C#, using IntelliSense to maintain speed and precision with autocomplete suggestions for every Unity API message. The MonoBehaviour Scripting Wizard helps to quickly scaffold boilerplate methods and make scripting painless.

LWRP Shaders UPM packages com.esotericsoftware.spine.lwrp-shaders spine.lwrp-shaders 4.0 2021-07-01 - Unity 2019.1 Compatible with spine-unity 4.0 and Unity 2019.1. spine.lwrp-shaders 4.0 2021-07-01 - Unity 2019.2 Compatible with spine-unity 4.0 and Unity 2019.2.

Timeline Extensions UPM packages com.esotericsoftware.spine.timeline spine.timeline 4.0 2022-06-01 for spine-unity unitypackage Use this package if you have installed spine-unity from a unitypackage (the default). Compatible with spine-unity 4.0 and Unity 2017.1-2022.1. Alternative: spine.timeline 4.0 2022-06-01 for spine-unity UPM Use this package if you have installed spine-unity via UPM packages using the Package Manager, instead of from a unitypackage. Compatible with spine-unity 4.0 and Unity 2017.1-2022.1.

Because we are working with Unity, we are extending the asset pipeline that comes built-in. This meant creating Unity extensions and custom editors, to add the functionality we were missing from the default workflows and meet our requirements.

When you're creating a game, it's often much easier to test your game in theUnity editor and on desktop platforms first, then deploy and test on mobiledevices later in development. To support this workflow, we provide asubset of the Firebase Unity SDKs which can runon Windows, macOS, Linux, and from within the Unity editor.

For editors where we do not provide our own editor extensions, we supply a JSON dump of our API that can be used to create one. We also provide autocompletion files with all of the Core API for Atom and every other editor that supports .luacompleterc.

Even without these outside considerations, or the need to work with other applications, Python is a great choice if you're looking to automate your workflows within the Unreal Editor. It's relatively easy for those new to programming to get started, it offers the ability to create complex and full-featured user interfaces through modules like PySide, and there are many other useful free modules available to the community to make your life easier.

Items with the ViewAnywhere or EditAnywhere flag are exposed as "editor properties".You can read and write these values using a special pair of functions exposed by every object: set_editor_property() and get_editor_property().

When you need to set a value that is exposed both as an object property and as an editor property, you should in most cases use the set_editor_property() function to set the value rather than set the value directly on the object. When you adjust properties in the UI, the Editor often performs additional operations behind the scenes: pre- and post-edit changes. These operations typically respond to the choices you make in some way, and keep the Editor UI in sync with the state of the object in the game world. If you modify these properties directly on the Python object, this Editor code won't be run automatically. On the other hand, when you call set_editor_property() to set the state of a property, you do trigger this pre- and post-edit code, exactly as if you changed the setting in the Details panel of the Editor UI.

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