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A Killing In The Second House 720p BEST

Thank you for repleying. Yes i can watch those videos super smooth. Anyway i tried something else, i forced stadia via console to run in VP9 codec mode only. Image looks definetly better and stays in 1080p, running also smoothly without those nasty resolution drops but unfortunatly the Input lag is killing the experience making it also unplayable. Ive no problem in some quality loses by using lower codecs but it just has to stay in 1080p based upon connection speeds. this is what was promised before. I could prop use the CCU and have zero problems but i mainly bought stadia for my pc, coz i life in a drawn together house and the TV is used a lot by my neighbors, but i will try that out 2 asap. More suggestions? Would be cool. (:

A Killing In The Second House 720p

With Richie incapacitated, Jason ventured to his and his mother's old house, where he attacked Whitney Miller and her boyfriend Mike Reynolds. Entering a tunnel beneath the house, Jason began to shove his machete up through the floorboards, injuring Mike, who he drags into the tunnels through a trapdoor and finishes off. Chasing Whitney back to the campsite, Jason killed Richie with his machete after Whitney attempted to help her friend out of the bear trap. Tearing his machete out of Richie's head, Jason prepared to strike Whitney down too but relents at the last second, noticing the girl's resemblance to his mother Pamela when she was younger. Taking Whitney back to his lair, Jason shackled her to the wall and gives her his mother's locket. Afterwards, Jason made sure to dispose the bodies of Whitney's friends, leaving practically no trace of them, stumping the authorities.[1]

The iPhone records its 720p HD video at around 10 megabits (Mbps) per second. That translates to about 80MB per minute, as we noted above, or a staggering 4.8GB per hour. (Hope you sprung for the 32GB model!)


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