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Teesri Kasam: The Film that Won the National Award but Flopped at the Box Office - How to Download it for Free Safely

Teesri Kasam 1966 Movie Download Free: A Guide for Bollywood Fans

If you are a fan of classic Bollywood movies, you may have heard of Teesri Kasam, a 1966 drama film starring Raj Kapoor and Waheeda Rehman. This film is considered one of the finest examples of Indian cinema, with a touching story, memorable songs, and brilliant performances. But how can you watch this masterpiece without paying a dime? In this guide, we will show you how to download Teesri Kasam for free legally and safely, and how to enjoy it to the fullest.

teesri kasam 1966 movie download free

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What is Teesri Kasam and why should you watch it?

Teesri Kasam (transl. The Third Vow) is a Hindi language drama film directed by Basu Bhattacharya and produced by lyricist Shailendra. It is based on the short story Mare Gaye Gulfam, by the Hindi novelist Phanishwarnath Renu. The film tells the story of Hiraman, a naive bullock cart driver who falls in love with Hirabai, a traveling courtesan who performs at a nautanki (a folk theatre). The film explores the themes of love, innocence, morality, and society in rural India.

The plot and themes of Teesri Kasam

The film begins with Hiraman being arrested for transporting bamboo illegally. He vows to never do it again, as it is his second offense. He then meets Hirabai, who hires him to take her to a fair where she is supposed to perform. Along the way, he learns more about her life and profession, and develops feelings for her. He also protects her from unwanted advances from other men.

At the fair, Hiraman witnesses Hirabai's popularity and talent as a nautanki performer. He also realizes that she is not happy with her situation, as she is exploited by her manager and patronized by her audience. He tries to convince her to leave with him and start a new life together. However, she refuses, saying that she has made a vow to never leave her profession.

Hiraman then makes his third vow: to never carry a nautanki performer in his cart again. He leaves Hirabai with a broken heart, but also with a sense of respect and admiration.

The cast and crew of Teesri Kasam

The film features Raj Kapoor as Hiraman and Waheeda Rehman as Hir b70169992d


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