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Fernandez v. Dep't of Justice, No. 88-1539 (D.D.C. Feb. 5, 1990) (adequacy of search: plaintiff has offered no evidence to support his contentions that the defendant agency's search was inadequate or was conducted in bad faith) ("reasonably segregable": in order to protect the identities of confidential sources, the withholding of entire pages was reasonable) (Vaughn Index: the defendant agency has more than adequately met the requirements of the Vaughn Index, further explanation of deleted materials would reveal the very nature of the information sought to be withheld) (Exemption 2: release of informant-identifier and violator codes would subject the information to potential decoding by suspects, enabling evasion of detection by DEA agents and the thwarting of DEA investigative and enforcement efforts) (Exemption 7 (threshold): threshold requirement met where documents were compiled pursuant to DEA's investigation of plaintiff's activities with illegal drugs, which ultimately led to his arrest) (Exemption 7(C): from records compiled pursuant to a DEA investigation, the exemption protects identities and information regarding persons who were implicated, involved, or associated with plaintiff, information regarding persons in whom DEA had an investigative interest, and information and identities of persons providing information to DEA) (Exemption 7(D): the exemption protects identities and information provided by private individuals, as well as local and foreign law enforcement personnel; entire pages of documents were properly withheld where the information, "even if not directly disclosing confidential material, was likely to provide context sufficient to reveal identities or information relating to confidential sources") (Exemption 7(E): DEA may withhold details surrounding the circumstances, purposes, results, and methods of 3 proven law enforcement techniques and procedures) (Exemption 7(F): DEA may withhold the names and identities of DEA Special Agents, Supervisory Special Agents, and other United States and foreign law enforcement officers who engage in covert, undercover contacts with persons known to have violent tendencies). 041b061a72


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