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About Us

Virtual reality is a new way of life, and it's here to stay.

Online learning has witnessed astronomical growth in the recent years, boosted by passion and motivation of committed individuals. While most of the learnings relate to academia, extracurricular skills have been lost somewhere amidst our busy lives. For a wholistic brain-body development, we need to take a step back and focus on what interests us and is enjoyable. It opens the road to sustainability. That is why it is imperative to reflect on how we help people learn and develop extracurricular skills – encourage small entrepreneurs to succeed – and bring back to life the forgotten skills in the current modern era.


Why Grow my Talent?

Amidst endless daily challenges we overlook the child within us, the desire to do something fun, the desire to learn something for the sake of joy, the passion to pursue a hobby.

Most of the learnings happen through pre-recorded videos. While this suffices for things that are urgent, they lack human interaction and encouragement.

Our attempt is to brighten our lives by pursuing our interests and developing the skills we enjoy, at the comfort of our home but with a live instructor. It is just in time for fulfilling our desires and giving wings to our passion.

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